Exploring the College + Career Exhibits at #CDECAICDC

Just by being in Collegiate DECA, you’re exposed to a number of opportunities. By attending a leadership conference, such as the Collegiate International Career Development Conference going on this week in Anaheim, Calif., you have a multitude of pathways to your desired future.

Numerous exhibitors were present at this year’s#CDECAICDC, sharing their mission with attendees.

The following are some of the college and career exhibitors as well as what members can do to be involved with them:

Boston University

Boston University offers one-year graduate Master’s degree in management. The program also includes an internship in a hotel, restaurant, or conference event planning field, giving you practical experience and hands-on job planning for a career in management in the hospitality industry.

Charles Koch Institute

The Charles Koch Institute works with non-profit organizations around the country to foster a conversation on various issues.

They offer a multitude of professional education programs, from semester long internship or fellow programs to yearlong associate programs.

Visit charleskochinstitute.org to find out more!


FIDM’s highlight is their nine-month Professional Designation Degree Programs.

If you obtain a Bachelor’s degree in any field, FIDM allows you enroll in an accelerated program to receive an Associate of Arts in any of the fields that they offer, such as digital media, fashion design, visual communications, and much more!


SMEI is a professional association that is offering free membership to DECA members.

Membership includes access to sales and marketing webinars and educational videos. They can also receive a sales certification and connect with 57,000 other SMEI members on an ad-free platform. Visit smei.org/deca for details!


Stukent is courseware for social media marketing and provides the world’s first social media simulation.

They are offering a major discount to DECA members – the original price is $1,297 but for DECA members, the price is only $99 for lifetime membership for access to DIY digital marketing courseware!


In many locations across the nation, Walgreens is hiring for business management positions.

Visit careers.walgreens.com to learn more and get a start in your management career!

There are opportunities floating all around one room so be sure to take advantage and discover the perfect experience for yourself!

This article was written by #CDECAICDC Social Media Team member,  Michelle Le. You can follow Michelle on Twiter @ThatsSoChelley.

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