Competitor Tips to Keep in Mind at #CDECAICDC

It’s an exciting moment when you realize you made it to the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference, but then reality hits and you realize it’s time to compete at the international level!

Don’t stress you’ll do great! Here are five competitor tips you can use this weekend as you own your future at #CDECAICDC:

1. A firm handshake is everything, I’m sure you have all heard this one a million times but it’s SO true, it shows initiative and confidence.

2. Make your presentation come to life. Use hand gestures accordingly but be sure not to fidget around. You all have it so use your passion for DECA to present to judges. If a judge sees your eyes light up when you talk about your ideas they are more likely going to believe what you’re saying.

3. Encourage your partner. If you are with a partner or doing a group presentation don’t talk over your partners. Make eye contact with your partner when they are talking, it is important to have confidence in yourself as well as have confidence in your partner. Nod in agreement with your partner when he or she is speaking to the judges. This shows teamwork and compassion.

4. Don’t assume. When presenting to a judge don’t assume they know what you’re talking about. If you’re describing a social media outlet or a financial statement describe what you mean to them. Even if they know what you’re talking about it’s impressive to the judges that you are confident in what you are describing.

5. Explain how you will reach your big picture and end goal. If you have a marketing campaign as a step on how to increase sales, explain how you’re going to do each step and how it all relates back to your big picture and end goal. By doing this you will leave less room for confusion from your judges.

This article was written by #CDECAICDC Social Media Team member, Brittany Secord. You can follow Brittany on Twitter @breecord.

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