#DECAICDC Grand Opening Session Seating Chart & Instructions

DECA’s Grand Opening Session promises to be full of energy, motivation and inspiration as we come together to celebrate one DECA. The Grand Opening Session will officially begin the pinnacle event of the DECA academic year – the #DECAICDC.

To best facilitate the opening sessions, attendance will be assigned by region and a seating chart will be used.

DECA is committed to ensuring a high-energy, quality production at the same level as our past general sessions. Even with this new format we still create an energetic atmosphere where our members will feel part of a memorable opening session experience like we have in years past. 

Please read the linked instructions above and share them with your DECA chapter members. Together, we will have an energizing and entertaining yet organized and safe Grand Opening Session. 

The sessions will be livestreamed at http://www.deca.org/icdc.

We will present the Grand Awards Session in the same format as the Achievement Awards Session that will be held earlier on Saturday morning. The order of awards and approximate times are listed in the program. Seating will be open (not assigned), and we encourage overall finalists to find seats close to the stage. Additional seating will be available in Hall E should Hall D reach capacity.

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