Don’t Leave for #DECAICDC Without These 5 Things!

Photo courtesy of @deca_dragon on Instagram.

With the 2017 International Career Development Conference just around the corner, excitement is building for thrilling competition, sunny California weather, and the gathering of almost 20,000 DECA members.

There may be a lot of things you want to bring to Anaheim, like that super cute swimsuit, your rare pins from Guam, or a stuffed Olaf toy to get Elsa’s signature on.

Just make sure you have the following essentials so you can #OwnYourFuture at ICDC:

1. Official DECA Blazer

An important part of competing or participating in ICDC is wearing an official DECA blazer during designated sessions. Make sure you pack a well-fitting blazer before leaving the house.

2. Photo ID

A photo ID is essential if you want to be eligible for competition. School IDs, driver’s licenses, or passports are recommended.  You will also need this photo ID to board flights if your chapter is taking a plane to ICDC.

3. Watch

Whether you are keeping track of time during role-play prep or making sure you are on DECA time for chapter’s check-ins, a watch is essential for navigating your daily schedule at ICDC.

4. Business Attire

ICDC is a place where you need to dress for success. Make sure you have appropriate business clothing that follows both your school’s dress code and DECA’s guidelines.

5. Extra Spending Money

From paying for baggage fees to snagging the last Tigger Pillow Pet in a gift store, there are lots of places where you will spend money at ICDC. Make sure that you have some extra spending money before leaving home.

What are your essentials for a successful ICDC? Share them on Twitter and Instagram using #DECAICDC and help your fellow members pack for success!

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