Hult International Business School to Serve as a Premier #DECAICDC Sponsor

DECA is proud to announce National Advisory Board partner Hult International Business School as an official sponsor of DECA’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Anaheim, Calif.

With this new sponsorship, Hult International Business School will take an active role in the 2017 ASPIRE Leadership Academy and the 2017 International Business Plan Competitive Event.

Hult International Business School is passionate about helping DECA members find success in college and their careers and is an official sponsor of the ASPIRE Leadership Academy at the 2017 ICDC. As a part of DECA’s Emerging Leaders Series, the ASPIRE Academy will help graduating seniors learn what to expect in college and their careers and how to leverage their DECA experiences to find success. Student members will participate in DECA’s Executive Mentor Program where they will have the chance to learn first-hand from senior executives how to best transition from high school to college and careers. Following their mentoring experience, students will participate in dynamic sessions, including one by Hult International Business School.

This year, Hult International Business School is also serving as the official sponsor of DECA’s 2016-2017 International Business Plan (IBP) competitive event.

As a leader in post-secondary studies of international business, the sponsorship of IBP aligns perfectly with Hult’s practice of developing the next generation of global business leaders.

DECA’s International Business Plan competitive event involves the development of a proposal to start a new business venture in an international setting. Participants are expected to apply their knowledge around entrepreneurship and skills in an international setting, while also preparing a 30-page written proposal for a new business venture and presenting a 15-minute oral proposal. Members of Hult International Business School will serve as official competitive event judges to evaluate participants and help select our winners for 2017.

In addition to supporting DECA members through the sponsorship of DECA’s ASPIRE Leadership Academy and DECA’s International Business Plan competitive event, Hult International Business School provides scholarships exclusively to DECA members that enroll in one of their programs after high school. All DECA members are eligible to apply for their chance to receive one of five scholarships in the amount $5,000 renewable for each academic year.

Click for information regarding Hult International Business School or the Hult International Business School DECA Scholarship Program to learn more. Additionally, students and advisors attending DECA’s 2017 ICDC can visit with representatives in the exhibit hall located in Hall B on Thursday, April 27, or Friday, April 28.

Click here to learn more about DECA’s National Advisory Board and our college and university partners or contact Nick Edwards.

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