3 Ways to Be the Best Intern

You can make your college experience even better when you take an internship!

Internships give you the best opportunity to take the knowledge you’ve learned in the classroom and experience it in the work-world..

Internships help you grow in your career, and is a great thing to add on your resume, especially when earning credit for school.

While being an intern, you absolutely want to be the best intern you can possibly be. Look at your internship like it is a real job, because you never know, it may be the same place you want to work when you graduate and can give you a “one up” from other candidates.

Check out these three ways you can be the best intern:

1. Take notes and be a great listener.
When learning new things, taking notes can be the best way for you to look back on what you learned and even things you want to work on. Listening to your mentor or boss can open new doors for you and create a great working relationship.  Also, be an active listener can only help you grow and be a better you at your career!

2. Offer extra help.
If you are given specific tasks during your internship experience, always offer to do more! People notice when you are a hard worker, and will really appreciate you wanting to do more and offering help.  When you offer help, they could even have you do other tasks that you like, and can show you a new avenue at that company.

3. Be yourself!
Always be yourself and have fun! An internship is work, but have fun with it because it will make the time go by quicker!

I hope everyone who has an intern will love what they will be doing, and has a great time!

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