How to Include DECA Experience on Your Resume

For many Collegiate DECA members, getting a great internship or job this summer is the biggest thing on our minds. How you translate your Collegiate DECA experience onto your résumé can make all the difference in whether or not you get that internship or job.

Creating a tailored résumé is critical to your search for internships and jobs. Far too often I’ve seen résumés that simply say, “Member of DECA.” If you are seeking a marketing position, tailor your résumé to reflect how your DECA experience has given you skills in the marketing arena like, “Developed a marketing campaign to increase membership in my DECA chapter that resulted in a 25% increase.”

A big part of DECA membership  is community service campaigns. Remember to include these efforts on your résumé, as they show your connection to the community and that you are someone who values giving back. Most employers today want people who lead well-balanced lives and reflect the ability to handle multiple commitments at the same time.

If you have held a leadership position in DECA, make sure that is highlighted. Whether you are the chapter president or a committee chairperson, this shows potential employers that you are able to take on leadership roles successfully, which will often set you apart from other applicants.

The Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program is a great addition to any résumé as well. The requirements for the award show a comprehensive set of skills and work that you have developed. When listing it on your résumé, highlight some of the things you did to achieve this award.

As we learned from Alan Katzman of Social Assurity at #DECACLA last November, it’s critical today to use LinkedIn for any employment search. This means you must take the necessary time to perfect your LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t yet, link up with the DECA Inc. LinkedIn page at Use this resource to both network and get help from other members!

With these tips in mind, your résumé will be in tip-top shape in no time, and the job or internship of your dreams will certainly be within your reach!

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