4 Ways to Keep Your Chapter Connected During the #SummerofDECA

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The fact that summer is around the corner may be very exciting, however, keeping your chapter connected during summer break may bring new challenges.

Even though summer involves the beach and pool, or in my case Netflix, it is important to stay connected with your chapter in order to make sure you start the 2017-2018 DECA year off right.

Here are four ways your chapter can stay connected this #SummerofDECA.

1. Social Media

One of the easiest ways your chapter can stay connected  this summer is by sharing your summer experiences on social
media and using #SummerofDECA. Encourage your chapter  members to document their summer experiences on social media  by organizing a social media challenge or offering prizes to members who post the most over the summer.

Make sure you continue posting on your chapter’s social media sites over the summer too! Sharing relevant DECA posts each week will keep current and potential members excited. Try using hashtags such as #MotivationMonday, #TipTuesday or #TrainingTipThursday to generate consistent content.

In addition, you can also create social media group chats or pages in which members can continue to receive updates and ask questions during the summer. Having a Facebook page dedicated to your chapter  will allow members to stay updated and also allow them to  connect with each other over the summer.

2. Chapter Social Events

What is summer without a little bit of fun? Summer  months are the perfect time to take a breather and actually take the time to get to know your chapter. Engaging in social activities such as going to the beach, movies or dinner will give you the opportunity to get to know all the members in your chapter and will keep members engaged over the summer months. During these social activities, make sure to take lots of photos and post them on your social media accounts using #SummerofDECA.

3. Continue to Train

During the summertime, it’s easy to forget some of the basics of DECA competition. Whether you are new to DECA or
in your fourth year, make sure you review the basic principles around your career cluster area this summer. As a chapter, it would be beneficial to your members to continue to train over the summer too! Start making flashcards with definitions, taking past exams, practicing role-plays, and generating ideas for business reports for the written categories. You could even organize a mock competition to keep your chapter’s skills sharp for
when the start of the school year rolls around.

Get Involved

One of best ways to get ideas for your role-plays and reports is to get experience. During the summer, try to find some businesses where you and your chapter can volunteer or job shadow for a day. This will give members in your chapter a way to stay connected while also getting awesome experience they can use for competition this fall. Experience will help you reinforce your fluency in the business world, and also helps when it comes to exams as you may pick
up some important terminology on the job.

I hope that all chapters stay connected these next two months and enjoy this year’s #SummerofDECA! Staying connected with your chapter over the summer is just one the ways you can #OwnYourFuture next fall.

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