How to Make a Competitive Event Presentation Stand Out

With the International Career Development Conference in sunny Anaheim, Calif., quickly approaching, it is essential that competitors work hard in the coming weeks to make sure that they have a presentation that will stand out from the rest!

Written events and prepared presentations are some of the most competitive events that DECA offers, so any tips and tricks that will lead to a unique presentation should be implemented to #OwnYourFuture at #DECAICDC.

These are a few techniques that have been useful in the past for me:

1. Confidence is always key.

Having a confident tone of voice will help you to be more effective in relaying your message to your judge(s). When giving your presentation, speak with assertiveness so that your judge understands that you are comfortable with your project material.

2. Use quality presentation materials.

Your presentation materials are any tangible items that you use to help in the visualization of your project. This can include tri-folds, posters, brochures, business cards, powerpoint presentations, flip-charts, and many more. Make sure that each of these materials look professional and correspond with one another, which leads me to my next point.

3. Dress professionally.

Of course, you must be in professional DECA dress to compete as a DECA member, but you can take this aspect of your presentation to the next level by coordinating with your partner or your presentation materials. This will make your presentation cohesive and leave a lasting impression on the judge.

4. Don’t forget to have fun!

While you want to ensure your presentation is completely professional, don’t be too serious; your presentation should be more like a conversation with your judge. You want your judge to think that you are a fun, personable competitor who is confident in the work they’re presenting!

If you utilize each of these tips when competing with your written event or prepared presentation, you can be sure that you will #OwnYourFuture and find yourself on stage at every conference.

This article was written by North Carolina DECA Career Development Conference Social Media Team member, Kyle Rogers. You can follow North Carolina DECA on Twitter @ND_DECA and follow Kyle on Twitter @piratedeca.

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