DECA Competition Tip: How To Get On Stage

Although DECA does not only revolve around competition, it is a huge part of the DECA experience. Recognition, as well as the ability to compete internationally at #DECAICDC, is what many DECA members all over the world work hard for all year long.

Here are some tips to make it across the stage and prove to everyone you are ready to #OwnYourFuture.

Whether you have a written event or series event, these tips are sure to improve your overall performance.

1. Watch the Performance Indicators

For those competing in a role-play event, it is crucial to pay attention to the performance indicators. Those are the guidelines for what a judge is looking for when you present. The majority of your role-play score comes from how well you address the indicators, so make sure you nail down those topics. For those wanting to take it to the next level, find a common link that your indicators have and tie that into your presentation.

2. Put Time Into Your Visuals

Great visuals are an important part of a winning paper. Although your judge has already read your paper, your visuals are what condenses and clarify your ideas. To effectively communicate your vision to your judge, it will take several days and weeks of planning to perfect your presentation. Make sure to come up with a game plan weeks prior to competition to tackle this large task, leaving a few weeks off to practice with your visuals.

3. Stay in Character

You’re assigned positions and roles to be in when presenting to your judge. Make sure to assume those roles when presenting. The more believable you can make it the better. It can leave your judge believing these were actually in that scenario, resulting in a high presentation score. We are the emerging leaders, so let us act like it.

4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If you are in any group event make sure that the work is proportionally shared. Not only will this result in your work being completed in a timely fashion, but each member will gain an understanding for what the prompt or paper is about. Groups are a great idea, since they allow for beautiful transitions between ideas, but if a member does not understand what is being presented, it can lead to a reduction in some points.

5. Confidence Is (Always) Key!

This is one of the most commonly shared tips, but it can never be emphasized enough. Confidence is what sets you apart from other competitors who might be in the same score range as you. It can allow your judge to grasp that you deeply understand the topic being considered, resulting in a couple of more points.

Take these tips into consideration the next time you compete and hopefully you can walk across that stage and #OwnYourFuture. 

This article was written by North Carolina DECA Career Development Conference Social Media Team member, Beza Denget. You can follow North Carolina DECA on Twitter @ND_DECA and follow Beza on Twitter @beezden.

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