Meet the “Cool Kids” Performing at #DECAICDC Opening Session

DECA Inc. is pleased to announce that L.A.-based, alt-pop band Echosmith will be performing on the #DECAICDC stage during the opening session on Wednesday, April 26, in Anaheim, Calif.!

Echosmith first emerged onto the scene in 2014, with the success of their debut album Talking Dreams and platinum hit “Cool Kids” propelling them into the spotlight. 

They quickly earned rave reviews from the likes of ELLE, Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue, and Grantland for their distinctive melody-minded, New Wave-influenced sound, and have performed everywhere from Ellen and Late Night with Seth Meyers to the American Idol finale.

Sydney, Noah and Graham formed the band in 2009 in Los Angeles, and signed with Warner Bros. in 2012. Within a year they were on the Warped Tour Festival as well as tours with Owl City, Neon Trees and Twenty One Pilots.  

Currently, they are best known for their Billboard Top 15 hit “Cool Kids” off their debut album. In 2014, they released a follow-up EP with five acoustic versions of Talking Dreams singles. Rumblings of their next full-length album began in early 2016. When interviewed by, lead singer Sydney Sierota said that it will be an “evolved version” of the band, think “Echosmith 2.0.”

Echosmith has played to crowds of thousands at festivals and with sold-out shows in the U.S. and Europe, and even joined Taylor Swift as special guests on her 1989 Tour in Philadelphia to perform “Cool Kids.”

Echosmith is guaranteed to bring the house down with this new sound at ICDC this April! Check out their website for more information about the band and their upcoming music.

Follow DECA on Twitter @DECAInc, and follow Echosmith on Twitter @echosmith.

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