The Competition Heats Up at South County DECA

The winning team of Asante, Panuzio and Cleary show off their t-shirt designs.

When classroom competitions get real, real learning happens.

The competition is fierce in Mrs. Woodson’s class at South County High School. Every four weeks, students are given a new project-based learning assignment, which aligns with the DECA competition model.

“The only way to build a strong competitive team is to practice for performance every day,” said Mrs. Woodson.

The classroom competitions come with prizes such as boogie boards, dance tickets and movie tickets, just to name a few. The students are deeply connected to their work, and former DECA students come in to check on the creativity regularly.

Enticing students with prizes may seem like a costly endeavor, but Woodson is an avid couponer who pays pennies on the dollar for the outstanding offerings.  Students are engaged in learning at a heightened level, and the project production is college and industry level output. The students are able to gain a better understanding when they see that excellence is rewarded.

Recently, the students were challenged to create a t-shirt brand from beginning to end, and present their research and findings to the class. The team of Asante, Panuzio and Cleary, showcased the winning proposal with a clothing line titled VOGUISH VINTAGE. They created a line of clothing all the way down to the hangtag!

This model clothing line was rolled in on a rolling rack, featured in a mock online store and on social media accounts. The creators of the brand emphatically put their signature stamp of excellence in education on the project.

As three-time winners, the students are currently challenged to integrate with other teams to disperse the monopoly team. The challenge now is to translate those same winning skills to a new team that may have different ideas and desires.

“My new team is not the same as the old team, but I think we can still become winners,” said Asante.

“I like my old team. The new team is taking some getting used to, but we will win,”echoed Panuzio.

“I just want to win,” Clearly yearningly whispered.

All students understand that a strong team is made up of strong individuals who can bring others on board with a strong vision. Now that they are all separated, we will see how much of an influence they can have on three different teams.

There are numerous strong leaders in the class, and working together builds your knowledge muscles.  I have no doubt these students will rise again.

“Let the clash of the Titans begin!” yelled Mrs. Woodson.

This article was written by South County DECA advisor, Mrs. Vera “Woody” Woodson. You can follow South County DECA on Twitter @SoCoDECA.

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