Scottsdale Community College DECA Visits the ASU SkySong Innovation Center

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Recently, Scottsdale Community College Collegiate DECA had the opportunity to visit the ASU SkySong Innovation Center, which was a very exciting experience.

SkySong Innovation Center provides various programs for students to learn how to be an entrepreneur and develop a business plan to sell goods or services. Besides touring the facility, there was a presentation on the PODER program, an entrepreneurial learning program sponsored by ASU to help community college students.

A student that completed the program presented on her business; as a result of participating in the program she entered the CISCO challenge and won $5,000 to fund her business. Participants in the Industry Visit had a chance to brainstorm new business ideas, and lay the framework for a business plan.

SkySong Innovation Center helps business by providing conference rooms and workspace. Their business truly helps Scottsdale to thrive in the economy by supporting multiple businesses are their way to success. In addition, SkySong has taken part in bringing back customers to North Scottsdale where an outdoor mall closed. The business has already built three to four buildings and is making great progress in restoring North Scottsdale. They will also bring some well-known restaurants to the area to attract more customers as well.

This Collegiate DECA Industry Visit gave me a better understanding of how to begin planning a entrepreneurial venture. SkySong is a great facility for businesses to work, brainstorm new ideas and innovate all in one place.

SkySong is definitely making an impact by helping businesses to become more proficient in their areas of expertise. As a result, more jobs are being created in Scottsdale and unemployment rates will start to decrease.

This article was written by Scottsdale Community Collegiate DECA member, Bryce Brennan. You can follow Scottsdale Community College Collegiate DECA on Twitter @DECASCC.

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