Top 4 Tips to Improve Your Chapter’s Competitive Success

Valley Christian DECA saw a drastic increase in members called on stage at the 2017 Silicon Valley Career Development Conference – nearly 500% more than last year!

In order to achieve this level of competitive success, the chapter’s competitions team implemented several new activities and ideas this year.

In order to help your chapter improve its success at an upcoming state conference, or even ICDC, consider the following tips:

1. Host weekly competition prep sessions.

In addition to having regular chapter meetings, have your chapter’s officers divide and conquer to prepare your members for both role-plays and written events by working with them during these competition prep sessions.

2. Use a variety of study tools.

While conducting online research through platforms like Quizlet are beneficial for learning key performance indicators, there are also several other, more engaging tools that your chapter members can use. Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform, always amps up the competitive atmosphere and gets members excited about acquiring more business knowledge.

3. Drill practice exams.

Although they are often overlooked when preparing for competitions, exams are one of the major components of an overall role-play score. They are also the only objective assessment of business knowledge in DECA competitions, making them one of the best ways for chapter members to improve their scores and get on stage. Have your chapter members take practice exams regularly, and go over wrong answers at competition prep sessions in order to really grasp the information tested.

4. Collaborate on resources.

Our chapter has a Google Drive folder where we store several important resources, including: practice exams, performance indicators, PowerPoints, and more. By keeping these resources on a collaborative platform like Google Drive, all of our chapter members are able to access these resources and work together to contribute their knowledge.

By implementing each of these tips into your chapter’s competition prep plans, you’ll soon see a significant improvement in your chapter’s competitive success!

This article was written by Valley Christian DECA Vice Director of Role-Plays, Ashley Phuong. You can follow Ashley on Twitter @DECA_Ashley.

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