Advice from the DECA Idea Challenge 2016 Winning Teams

Winning team BOG of Amity International School in India.

The 2016 DECA Idea Challenge asked students of all ages to collaborate in small groups, generate an innovative use for plastic bottles, and create a video pitch of their invention in just eight days.

A premier event of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the competition pushes students to think creatively while learning about the entrepreneurial process. After a talent-filled global final round, three winning teams were announced from each educational category.

Discover a bit more about each winning teams’ experiences and gather some advice for next year’s competition!

Elementary/Middle School Winning Team

Plastic Bottle Green House – Cambridge High School Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This invigorating group of elementary school students took on the DECA Idea Challenge and produced a greenhouse out of plastic water bottles. The school had previously participated in the competition and were excited to take on the competition again. In collaborating, the students learned more about developing a sense of team spirit, creativity, critical thinking and recycling. The group was continually immersed in creativity alongside fellow classmates participating in the competition. Watch their video entry here.

Plastic Bottle Green House’s Tips for Success:

1. Never Give Up
The group suggests to start with a goal and work towards it until you succeed. You may face challenges, whether it is finding enough materials or coming up with an idea, but never give up. 

High School Winning Team

BOG – Amity International School, India

Inspired by the high prevalence of farmers committing suicide, team BOG developed a garden tool to help alleviate their struggles. The tool is a combined shovel, seed dispenser, water holder, sprinkler and level that is economical and easy to use. The team is enthusiastic about using innovation to make the world a better place, a passion that enabled them to discover the DECA Idea Challenge all on their own. Watch their video entry here.

BOG’s Tips for Success:

1. Adapt to Grow
The group had difficulty translating the project from paper to real life at the start. Their first invention did not work. However, the grow persisted and continued to adapt their project until it was finalized.

2. Invent to Make a Difference
Team Bog suggests that participants view the DECA Idea Challenge as a charge to solve a pressing problem or help others meet a need to have a competitive edge. 

Collegiate Winning Team

Anti-Shock – Peter Jones Enterprise Academy at Leicester College, United Kingdom

Team Anti-Shock developed a plug cover to protect small children from electrical harm all the while preserving sea life by reusing plastic bottles. The idea initially sparked from one team member’s desire to secure her own children’s everyday safety. Amid creating the product and video in only two days, the group was able to climb to the top. Watch their video entry here.

Anti-Shock’s Tips for Success:

1. Be Completely Original
Looking at previously submitted videos is a great way to gain inspiration. However, to set yourself apart and challenge your innovation skills, the team recommends working to create something completely original!

2. Communication is Key
While the group faced many challenges during the brainstorming process, the team continually communicated with one another. The group remarks that with strong communication, distinct people can come together with their unique strengths to do great things!

Inspired to compete next year? The DECA Idea Challenge will kick-off November 13, 2017. Look for more information on and here.

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