#DECAICDC 2017 Updates for Advisors

Updated: (4/17/2017)

In just a few short months, 18,000 DECA members, advisors, business partners and volunteers will gather in Anaheim for the DECA International Career Development Conference.

First, we appreciate your service as a chapter advisor and the work you do on behalf of your members prior to, during, and after ICDC.

The DECA ICDC has some exciting enhancements – some out of necessity and some from your feedback – to this year’s ICDC. This serves as a highlight of these additions and enhancements, as well as a reminder for general conference information. This should be viewed as a supplement to information at www.deca.org/icdc.

We hope that you can use this additional information as you plan for the DECA ICDC.


To best facilitate the opening sessions, attendance will be assigned by region and a seating chart will be used.

  • Session 1 | 7:00-8:15 PM | Central Region & North Atlantic Region
  • Session 2 | 9:30-10:45 PM | Southern Region & Western Region

DECA is committed to ensuring a high-energy, quality production at the same level as our past general sessions. Even with this new format we still create an energetic atmosphere where our members will feel part of a memorable opening session experience like we have in years past. Prior to the conference, DECA will provide detailed instructions regarding arrivals and departures.

Update: (4/17/2017) – Read more about detailed instructions regarding arrival and departures, as well as view the seating chart here.


We will present the Grand Awards Session in the same format as the Achievement Awards Session that will be held earlier that morning. The order of awards and approximate times will be listed in the program. Seating will be open (not assigned), and we encourage overall finalists to find seats close to the stage. Additional seating will be available should Hall D reach capacity.


Updated Event Guidelines
Please make sure that your written entries follow the updated guidelines for the following events. In most cases, the final roman numeral for the optional appendix was mislabeled. For the Learn and Earn Project and Independent Business Plan, the last two roman numerals were mislabeled. The Advertising Campaign evaluation form was updated. This information has been shared in two issues of Insight in the chapter packets, www.decadirect.org and through numerous emails.

Professional Selling Event

We have received questions concerning the Professional Selling Event topic for this year. The topic for 2016-2017 is “you will assume the role of a sales representative of a drone technologies firm. A local real estate agent has scheduled a meeting with you because he/she has a desire to utilize drones to help his/her real estate business and wants to learn how your firm’s products and services can be beneficial to his/her business.”

Participants are not selling specific models of drones, but rather the use of drones to enhance the marketing strategies used in real estate sales. Drones are not required as part of the presentation but are allowed if it can be easily carried by the participant. Participants should refer to the presentation guidelines for additional information.

Drone Use at ICDC:

  • The Anaheim Convention Center regulations restrict flying drones inside the convention center.
  • Drones may not be flown outside either, due to FAA regulations and a no-fly zone in the Disney area, this includes all hotel properties.
  • The camera function of the drone may be demonstrated, but the drone must stay in non-flight status.

Competitive Events Briefings

Update: (4/17/2017) – Download Competitive Event Briefing PDFs.

Other Questions

If you have any questions about competitive events operations, please contact Ryan Witzig at ryan_witzig@deca.org. 


DECA will again be hosting the DECA 5K Run/Walk to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association and DECA’s scholarship fund. It will be held at 7:30 AM on Wednesday, April 26, at Angels Stadium. For details including cost and registration, visit http://www.decaregistration.com/5krun.


Please note that chapters and chartered associations may set earlier curfew times.


Update: (4/17/2017) – The opportunity to request a change in venue for IB testing has closed. DECA will be communicating information to those who have signed up regarding time and location.

DECA has been approved by International Baccalaureate to administer the Business Management exam for full Diploma Programme candidates at the DECA International Career Development Conference at the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, California, on Friday, April 28, 2017. Only full Diploma Programme candidates are eligible to submit a change of venue request.

The local IB teacher/coordinator must submit a change of venue form to IB. DECA cannot do this on your behalf. You can download the form here, complete it and then e-mail it to iba.dpevaluation@ibo.org.

Once your members have registered for ICDC and you have requested the change of venue with IB, DECA Inc. will request that you provide us with their name and competitive event/academy using our online form. DECA Inc. will use this information to schedule preliminary competition accordingly. Please understand that some of our Principles of Business Management events and Individual Series events only operate in the morning or afternoon.


Please help us comply with the new Board of Directors policy regarding ICDC housing. All attendees must be a registered guest each night of the conference in his or her assigned and approved hotel, for a minimum of four nights, beginning with the opening session.


As you prepare for ICDC, please invite your chaperones to serve as judges. Judging provides chaperones a meaningful way to engage while students attend conference sessions. It allows you to increase grassroots buy in from parents and administrators by showcasing the heart of DECA, the competitive events program. It is preferred that judges have been out of high school for four years. Visit deca.org/volunteer to register.


We are excited for a new format for the traditional Leadership Luncheon. Because everyone’s schedules are busy, we will host the Leadership Recognition in a reception format so we can recognize as many of our deserving chapters and advisors and they can complete their responsibilities. It will be held on Friday at 2:00-3:30 PM in 209 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Invitees will be able to attend any time from 2:00-3:30 PM to receive their certificate and press release, have their photo taken and enjoy light hors d’oeuvres. The photos will be available to download complimentary after the conference.


DECA’s official attraction tickets are available here, and can be ordered at http://www.decaregistration.com/tours.


DECA has provided a list of SBEs that qualify to attend ICDC including the category (retail or food operations) that each obtained certification. The SBE will only be allowed to enter for the academy and competition in that category. Based on the recommendation of the SBE Advisory Council to provide more instructional time during the academy, the recognition will take place in a press room format. The students may stop by our SBE Recognition Press Room from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM on Thursday to receive their plaque, coin and/or certificate and have their photograph taken. The photos will be available to download complimentary after the conference. 


DECA Blazer Deadline is April 1. After that date, blazers will not be available to purchase until ICDC. Information can be found at www.shopdeca.org.

Shop DECA will offer all your favorite items, as well as lots of conference only pieces, at this year’s ICDC.

Shop DECA will be open Tuesday, April 25 to Saturday, April 29, in Room 207 of the Anaheim Convention Center. At this location, you will be able to:

  • Be fitted and purchase/pick-up of blazers
  • Find all your basics needed for competition (pencils, written event folios and calculators)
  • Conference Tees
  • Fashion Items from Under Armour, Champion, Gear for Sports, MV Sport and more!

DECA Images will also be open in Hall B with the career exhibits and campaign booths on Thursday, April 27 and Friday, April 28. At this location, you will be able to purchase:

  • Classroom and competitive event materials
  • The basics needed for competition
  • Graduation regalia
  • Chapter promotional items
  • Our regular product line found in the DECA Guide and at shopdeca.org.

On Saturday, April 29, be sure to check out the DECA Images yard sale in Room 207D. Merchandise is older with limited availability and sizing, but the deals are great! The yard sale will be open only as long as supplies last!

Also on Saturday, April 29, the finalist t-shirts and recognition items will be available for sale in Hall B foyer by Conference Headquarters.


Update: (4/17/2017) – View the Social Media Correspondent Team here.

This year’s An@heimLive Social Media Team will be comprised of two groups – the Editorial Team, focused on creating content to be shared on www.decadirect.org, and the Digital Team, focused on sharing #DECAICDC content on their own social media accounts. The application will be live on March 1 on www.decadirect.org. Only those who have qualified for ICDC through their chartered association may apply to be part of the program.  


This year’s THRIVE Academy will have a primary focus of communications, collaboration and creativity on Thursday and then three specific focuses – competitive events, community service and lean entrepreneurship – on Friday. All participants will take part in the same activities on Thursday and then select one of the three focuses above on Friday. The competitive events focus is designed for freshmen through juniors looking to enhance their competitive events prowess for the upcoming school year. The community service focus is designed for any DECA member wishing to learn more about service learning and conduct a community service project. The lean entrepreneurship focus is designed for any DECA member wishing to learn more about the lean entrepreneurship canvas.


We are working diligently to make sure all aspects of the conference will be an awesome experience for our DECA members and advisors, and again, thank you for your support of #DECAICDC. We will continue communications through flash reports, DECA Direct Online and at deca.org/icdc.

Follow DECA on Twitter @DECAInc.

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