Only the Best Will Go West This April

Photo courtesy of @MariemontSchool on Twitter.

Prepping for your association conference? Studying performance indicators, cramming those vocabulary terms, and practicing role-play after role-play after role-play?

Maybe you’re just looking for a way to really stand out to your judge? Well look no further!

Here are some ways to really grab your judge’s attention, and grab that spot to #DECAICDC in California this April!

1. Make a great first impression.

Before you even say your first word to your judge, you have already made a lasting impression. Make sure you have a confident poise and a great smile to start your presentation off on the right foot.

2. Everything is in the handshake.

When introducing yourself, make sure your handshake isn’t too weak or too firm, and maintain good eye contact. This is a part of that lasting impression you want to leave on your judge. In my very first role-play, my judge wrote down on my scoresheet that my handshake was too weak. So now I’m always sure to have a perfect handshake.

3. Visuals, Visuals, Visuals

Judges really like when they have something to look at and hold onto during a presentation. Even if it’s something as simple as a SWOT analysis diagram. Visuals are the best way to keep your judge engaged in your presentation!

4. Speak fearlessly.

It’s OK to make a mistake here and there. But as long as you pick yourself right back, and you are speaking with confidence and making good body and hand gestures, your judge will most likely score you higher than if you speak softly and with no gestures.

So now that you have reviewed these great tips, you are ready to rock that role-play and advance to Anaheim, because only the best go west!

This article was written by Virginia DECA District 25 President, Natalie Kidd. You can follow Natalie on Twitter @DECA_Nat.

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