4 Fundraisers to Help You Get to Anaheim This April

Photo courtesy of @CentervilleDECA on Twitter.

The 2017 International Career Development Conference is almost just two months away, and many chapters are saving up funds to help send their competitors in hopes of coming back with a big win!

Here are some easy and simple fundraising ideas:

1. DECA Basketball Game

Rally up your most athletic DECA members, and partner together with another CTSO in your school (such as FBLA, FCCLA, or SkillsUSA), and have a basketball game! It could be held during or after school, and sell tickets to students, teachers and parents who want to come and cheer on their team.

All you need is a gym, a couple of referees, and a ball. Also make sure to put together a great halftime show, and advertise it. You can divide up your profits to help cover the cost of supplies and volunteers, and use the rest for your trip to Anaheim.

2. Instead of a Car Wash, Hold a Dog Wash

This is surely a unique way to raise money! Gather up your supplies like dog shampoo, rags, towels and a hose. Pick a location (be sure you have access to water) and make sure to promote your event. This fun and quirky idea will draw in not only volunteers, but customers too. Who doesn’t love dogs?

3. Put Together a Book Sale

Everyone has a bunch of old books laying around in their house, so why not sell them? Pick a time and place, have your members donate some books, and sell them a $1 a piece. This is a fast and cheap way to raise money!

4. Hold a Spirit Night at a Local Restaurant

This fundraiser requires the least amount of work! Just a phone call and few sponsors for the night of to collect receipts. They even usually give you the promotion materials to pass out! Depending on the restaurant, they will give you a percentage of sales based on the receipts collected. Contact DECA’s NAB partner, Chipotle, to see if your local Chipotle offers that opportunity.

This article was written by Virginia DECA District 25 President, Natalie Kidd. You can follow Natalie on Twitter @DECA_Nat.

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