Now Recording! FIDM Takes Over DECA’s Snapchat at YouTube Space LA

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Last week, FIDM took over DECA Inc’s Snapchat to give young professionals an inside look at the life of a YouTuber at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles.

Taking a tour of the Space revealed the resources available to YouTubers who are either still trying to grow their channel or have already made it big. The Space grants access to editing software, stages for filming, free unlimited coffee and so much more. Check out moments from the tour below!

Welcome to the YouTube Space LA! Once inside, a huge screen on the right showcases major current and upcoming projects by YouTubers, and even social media shout outs from people all around the world. By using the hashtag #YouTubeSpaceLA on social media, your content from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter might make it to the screen!

How is a masterfully done video edited, you ask? Only with the help of talented technicians that work in the Sound Production and Recording/Editing rooms! These rooms are where audio, lifestreams and pre-produced videos are edited.

Stages are where the magic happens. YouTubers have complete creative control of what the stages they record their videos in look like. Green screens are commonly used, and the Space also has an exclusive Green Screen stage.

A few other cool features of the YouTube Space include the technology rental room, a makeup room with vanities and a coffee shop. YouTubers can borrow props or gadgets for their videos, touch up their makeup and drink free coffee all day long!

The YouTube Space, no matter what location, is free for YouTubers to use. What YouTubers are able to access and use depends on the amount of followers they have. All of the tools provided at the Space are there to help YouTubers grow their channel and help them make videos they are proud to upload. Thanks for coming along with us on this takeover, we hope you enjoyed a mini tour of the YouTube Space LA!

This article was written by DECA National Advisory Board member and Corporate Social Media Correspondent, FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising). You can follow FIDM on Twitter @FIDM, check out their blog and learn more about their partnership with DECA here

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