3 Ways to Practice Your Role-Play

With districts behind us, association conferences are coming up, and it’s time to get ready!

Role-plays can be much more nerve racking than tests, but prepping for them can be so simple!

Here are some tips to practice your role-plays before it’s game time.

1. Practice with Your DECA advisor

Your DECA advisor wants you to be the best you can be! Meet with your advisor(s) after school and practice going through a sample role-play with him or her. Don’t hesitate to ask for help about performance indicators or topics you’re not quite sure of. Their honest feedback about your performance will only help you get better, so take their critiques to heart and try to improve each time.

2. Practice with a Study Buddy

Sometimes, presenting to a friend can feel more comfortable than presenting to an advisor or judge. Get together with a few fellow DECA members to practice some role-plays. Take turns being the judge and offer helpful tips to each other for improvement.

3. Practice with Yourself

As crazy as it seems, speaking out loud and on your own can be a great way to practice a role-play. Give yourself 10 minutes to read the case study and create your notes. Then simply present your role-play out loud to yourself. This allows you to be comfortable with terminology about your completion area and also allows you retract any statement you made you want to correct.

They say that practice makes perfect, so it’s never too late to #OwnYourFuture and start practicing!

This article was written by Lockport DECA Vice President of Social Media & Marketing, Ariel Davis. You can follow Lockport DECA on Twitter @LockportDECA.

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