3 Ways to Cope with Disappointment

The entire DECA world is officially in the midst of DECA season. With the countdown to #DECAICDC now in the double-digits and association conferences getting closer by the day, the excitement for the next few months is at an all time high.

However, with the all the exciting achievements that will occur until Anaheim, there will also be a fair share of setbacks.

Whether this isn’t getting the grades you wanted for this past semester, not qualifying for your association competition or #DECAICDC, not getting the leadership position you wanted, or not getting accepted into your top college, it can simply be said that things might not always go as you’d want them to.

Here are three tips to help you learn from this experience and learn from these upsets to become the best you can be!

1. Realize that there will be upsets, and that’s okay.

One of the hardest parts of being a high school or college student is not having the fully developed skill of having long-term perspective. Many people my age (including myself!) look at each upset as unbearable and something that you can never recover from.

However, this is completely untrue! Upsets don’t alter your overall path of life and are completely normal to have. Michael Jordan, one of the most recognized players in the NBA, got cut from his varsity basketball team in high school. Everyone doesn’t always get what they wanted, and the fate of accepting this fact will make the hard information easier to process.

2. Don’t look at this as a failure.

Our society labels every action we preform into either a failure or success, which is a mindset that can be very damaging. Viewing all the outcomes we face as good or bad can alter our reality by making us think every ‘failure’ is bad, while this might not be completely true.

While dealing with huge upsets like getting declined from a college or not making honor roll can be very difficult, and it won’t be any easier if we label this outcome as a failure of our own. Taking the label of ‘failure’ away from these events can cause a boosted self esteem and a more positive outlook for the future.

There will disappointments and upsets, but they are not failures, and getting rid of that label can help shed a more positive look on your situation.

3. Look towards the future.

DECA’s theme for this year is Own Your Future, and is just as important when faced with an upset. Going back to Michael Jordan, he wouldn’t have gone anywhere if he let the setback from his varsity team ruin his basketball career.

Organizations like DECA help us deal with situations that might be useful in our future and build skills we’ll need in our professional lives. Dealing with upsets is a huge skill that is will be useful in the future and will be the easiest to learn during our younger years. Using this experience to build our skills up, strengthen our character, and to evaluate ourselves with the goal of improvement is the best way to deal with upsets.

Disappointing events can get us down, but they can’t get the best of us. Using this event as a way to build and looks towards the future will make the successes that follow so much greater.

I hope these three tips can help you deal with disappointments more self-motivating, healthy, and productive ways. One thing to remember is that these upsets do not define who you are or your capabilities.

You are capable of doing great things in your future, so use these upsets to help you grow and prepare for your great successes that will follow.

This article was written by Sun Prairie DECA member, Kaitey Crosby. You can follow Kaitey on Twitter @kaiteycrosby.

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