3 Reasons to Invite an Executive Officer to Your Next Conference

Each DECA Executive Officer Team brings a special set of skills and expertise to the organization, however you’ll find that their commonalities are what make them so qualified for the positions.

Have you considered requesting an executive officer to attend your regional or association conference?

Check out a few reasons why having an executive officer at your conference is an awesome opportunity:

1. They can command an audience.

You’ll find that DECA Executive Officers are great public speakers and instantly grab the attention of the crowd he or she is speaking to. Part of this is in part due to the fact that they have had tons of experience with public speaking and have received extensive professional training too. They are always prepared to give welcome addresses, greeting speeches and keynotes. At the request of any association or company, they have the unique ability to write speeches for a plethora of situations and events.

2. Their signature workshops are a must.

Every year the executive officers individually create a signature workshop. These topics range everywhere from public speaking to entrepreneurship, and interview tips to social media. The workshops are informative, interactive and energetic. These workshops are an opportunity to take a moment and gear away from the competition and a different kind of learning experience. The officer facilitating them were just members learning and taking away vital lessons from presenters. Their information and expertise is still fresh and prevalent in their minds. Often times, DECA members are more at ease learning from their peers.

3. They bring a unique overall presence.

It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that nearly every member that has come into contact with an executive officer was in some way fascinated or inspired. More importantly, they can recall how that moment inspired them. It’s not quite clear if its the blazer and tie, the name tag, or the intonation in their voice that resonates with the members – then again it’s probably a combination of it all. DECA members have these peers that can look to for advice on competition, to learn more about the organization, and to find out what steps they can take to come further along in their DECA career. Having an executive officer at a conference is sure to captivate those in attendance.

Ultimately, DECA’s Executive Officers are elected by the student members to provide leadership and as the primary student public relations agents, they hold a deep connection with the members. They act as a major asset in the development of the organization, and more importantly within the lives of the students.

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