4 Must Have Competition Prep Resources from DECA Images

With DECA competition season in full swing, thousands of members are scouring the internet (and their advisor’s classroom) for all the resources they can find.

While your search may turn up some valuable resources, I guarantee there is so much more to find by going to shopdeca.org!

DECA Images is your one-stop-shop for all things DECA, and that includes resources to help you prepare for your competitive event!

Here are four must have resources from DECA Images that you can be using right now to prepare for competition:

Vocabulary Flash Cards

If you’ve ever taken one of the cluster exams, you understand that knowing your vocab can be the key to getting a high score. DECA Images knows this too, and they want to help you prepare for the terms that you’ll need to know! These vocabulary flash cards cover most of what you’ll need to know, but you can take it to the next level by using vocabulary flip cards that are specific to your career cluster!

Career Cluster Prep Guides
This is the one resource made by DECA Images which covers almost all the key aspects of each of the primary career clusters! Each one of these laminated career cluster preparation guides features definitions of career cluster specific performance indicators, career cluster vocabulary, presentation tips, industry trends and other valuable resources. Get your hands on one of these guides today!

Past Written Event Winners

Do you want to see what it takes to have a winning written event at #DECAICDC? There’s no better place to look than the DECA Images written events page! Here you’ll find the 2016 written event winners and 2015 written event winners, along with many other valuable resources which can help you ace your project.

Sample Role-Plays and Case Studies

While there’s no way to know exactly what topic you’ll need to address in your role-play, the best way you can prepare is by seeing many different examples! This is where DECA Images has you covered, because no matter whether you’re in a series event, team event or principles event, there are sample scenarios (and other resources) for you to practice!

By using these resources, and the many more that are available on the DECA Images website, you will be well on your way to Anaheim, California and #DECAICDC!

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