3 Tips for Accessing Financial Aid for Summer Study Programs

Knowing how to access financial aid and applying for Summer Study Programs often go hand in hand.

Take a moment to decide whether applying for financial aid would be right for you and what you can do to ease the process.

1. Look for Scholarships or any Financial Aid Information on your program website.

Often times, students assume that financial aid is not available for programs or that they are not eligible to apply. Don’t forget to check a college website for potential scholarships or financial aid information just in case there are opportunities you may be missing out on.

For instance, Babson’s Summer Study Program has a separate form to apply for financial aid in addition to a comprehensive list of affiliation and leadership scholarships. Don’t be shy to apply!

2. Make time.

Financial Aid applications can often be lengthy. Talk to your parents to find a time where both of you can discuss the application together. Cut down on time searching for information by having your family’s household income, investments, home debt and recent tax returns ready before you begin the application. Also be sure to communicate the academic status and tuition costs of any siblings you may have.

While the process may take a while, receiving financial aid or a scholarship can make a significant difference in your decision making process when picking a program.

3. Follow up!

It’s always important to check in with financial aid officers to make sure all forms were received. Ensure to note the date you will be notified for your financial aid and scholarship awards. For Babson College, we estimate that you will hear back from us during the week of April 3.

If for any reason you have not heard back from a school, feel free to reach out to learn more about the process. If at any time you have questions, do not hesitate to check with the college program to see if they want anything specific.

Remember, applications for Babson Summer Study are due March 1, 2017. After submitting your application, be sure to fill out your financial aid application form as well!

This article was written by DECA National Advisory Board partner, Babson College. Learn more about Babson College here, and follow Babson College on Twitter @babson.

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