How’s Your Leadership Passport Program Looking?

It’s February and you’re probably busy looking for those last couple of items to finish up before you can submit your Leadership Passport Program.

Or have you not started filling it out yet?

The question I have for you is: How is your Passport Program looking?

No matter what stage you are at, it is crunch time! Get online, get the guidelines and the form and get it done.

The Passport Program gives you the amazing opportunity to be one of the first people to walk across the stage and receive recognition for all the hard work you have done this year during the opening session at the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference.

What an awesome way to reward yourself for all your hard work, right?

While I want to encourage you to complete the Individual Leadership Passport,  an opportunity for your chapter to be represented on the stage, as well as the chance to show of your school, is through the Chapter Leadership Passport.

The Chapter Leadership Passport is chance for your chapter to take advantage of the opportunities offered by DECA, complete them and at the same time gain recognition for them.

Not only does it feel awesome to gain both Individual Leadership Passport winners, and a Chapter Leadership Passport, but it also shows your school, and your administration the amazing students Collegiate DECA prepares.

With less than a month, till the deadline for the Leadership Passport Program deadline, it is time for you and your chapter, to #OwnYourFuture, and get them done!

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