3 Ways DECA Has Prepared You for Your First Job Interview

As an intelligent high school student and DECA member, you have probably come to the realization that you need to get a job one day. This is not only for income, but for a better sense of responsibility too.

Maybe you reached this realization because you just got your driver’s license, and need a car and gas money. Maybe when your parents gave you more freedom, you started going out more and now need spending money. Or, if you’re like me, you need to start saving up money for DECA trips and conferences such as #DECAICDC!

Your first step is to chose the place that best suits your needs as an employee. So you picked up an application, filled it out and submitted it along with your resume. Now you just received a call from the employer looking to schedule an interview. You both agree on a time, you said, “I look forward to speaking with you,” and hung up.

What do you do now? How do you prepare for that interview?

Well lucky for you, you already have all the skills needed for the interview and to get that job! Where have you obtained these skills? Well from DECA of course!

Here are three skills that DECA has taught you to help you have an outstanding, first job interview:

1. You have gained public speaking skills that you don’t even realize you possess!

You probably haven’t noticed, but since joining DECA, your style of speaking has changed. DECA has molded you into a young business professional whether you noticed or not. You most likely have better grammar when you speak, make better eye contact, stay more engaged in a conversation and now have to give a firm handshake.

2. You know how to maintain a professional discussion!

You have done so many role-plays and other presentations that you can easily ace an interview now! You have also developed knowledge from performance indicators, so you can surely answer any question that is thrown at you. You also know how to keep your interviewer interacting with you throughout the interview.

3. You know how to dress for success!

It has been proven that 55% of a first impression is based on your appearance. So being the savvy fashioned professional you are, you know how to give a great one! All in all, it’s the same outfit you would wear to competition without a DECA emblem patch on the right side of your blazer.

So now that your memory is refreshed of your professional skills that you have learned from DECA, you are ready for that interview!

This article was written by Virginia DECA District 25 President, Natalie Kidd. You can follow Natalie on Twitter @DECA_Nat.

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