There’s More to Life Than Just Work

Alexandra Mazanke | Vector Marketing

No one ever grows up and thinks, “Man, I’m going to be broke when I’m older.”

On the contrary, everyone is striving to make the most money they can, to be the best person they can be, and to have the greatest life they know they are capable of having.

Not everyone, however, knows they can do this without working 80+ hour workweeks, 51 weeks out of the year (the other seven days are holidays that no one usually works on). So how can a person be successful, have a social life, and manage to maintain a decent living space?

I’ll tell you how. It’s all about balance.

Finding balance isn’t easy. How do you say no to your boss when they ask you to complete a project without any notice and it’s needed within the hour, but it’s your best friend’s birthday and you’re supposed to be downtown having dinner with them?

Hard decision, right? At some point you have to let your boss know that the project will only be 75% complete, or risk having to face your friend who threw you a giant surprise party last year for your birthday and spent three paychecks doing it.

Balancing work and your social life is no small feat—take it from someone who has no choice but to balance her life. I work part-time and have a seven month old baby, but I’m also a student, a daughter, a sister and a friend. Talk about playing a lot of roles!

Facing the reality that I was limited on how many Friday nights I could spend hanging out at the mall with my friends didn’t really hit me until I started thinking about which emails I forgot to send, or which phone calls I needed to make on Friday night during bath time for my daughter.

Constantly thinking about what I need to do next is not easy, but making it work is still possible. Juggling so many different things can take up some serious energy, but at some point everyone needs a break. A good system to have is the reward system. If I work a long week, complete all of my assignments on time, and still manage to spend time with my daughter, I reward myself in some way. Whether it be meeting a friend for tea, treating myself to ice cream, or just going out and taking a drive while my daughter spends time at Grandma’s works for me.

Getting a mental break after a long week is always necessary. Taking advantage of when friends are around is also nice. Even if it’s a trip to the grocery store, spending time with a friend for a little while can be such a pick-me-up. I find a way to be a mom, work, stay in contact with friends, grocery shop, and maintain my sanity.

If I can do it, anyone can.

This article was written by Vector Marketing Campus Recruiter, Alexandra Mazanke. Vector Marketing is a DECA National Advisory Board partner and Corporate Social Media Correspondent. You can follow Vector Marketing on Twitter @VectorMarketing.


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