Experience a Taste of College Life at Babson Summer Study

As spring semester kicks into gear, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll spend your summer!

This summer, Babson College is opening its doors to high school students passionate about gaining real-world experience in business and entrepreneurship.

Experience a taste of college life at Babson Summer Study where students can earn college credit, meet people from around the world, and create your very own business venture that creates social or economic value.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity with these three tips!

1. Be Authentic

College admissions aren’t interested in reading another list of achievements—they’re interested in getting to know you!

Rather than telling admission officers about why you’re qualified for their program, tell them about what only you can uniquely add to the opportunity. Describe the experiences that have shaped your interests, pursuits, characteristics and values.

2. Share Your Passion

At Babson, entrepreneurship is in our blood. Many of the students who applied to Babson have the urge to see ideas turn into action, and at Babson, students have an opportunity to do just that by applying the entrepreneurial though and action methodology.

What are the dreams that you want to have come to life? What makes you tick? College admissions officers want to know because it’s passion that drives students to success.

3. Short and Sweet

You have one shot to impress the college of your dreams—you want to do it right. Don’t let yourself ramble for pages upon pages if there isn’t a specified word limit.

Instead, remember to keep your writing concise and purposeful. Double check for any grammatical or spelling errors, and most importantly, answer the question!

We hope to see you at Babson Summer Study this year! Applications are due March 1, 2017. Go on and apply!

This article was written by DECA National Advisory Board partner, Babson College. Learn more about Babson College here, and follow Babson College on Twitter @babson.

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