How Smithtown West DECA Prepared Its Members for Competition

While DECA provides community service and real world opportunities, as well as leadership and entrepreneurial skills, my personal favorite aspect of the organization is its competitions.

Luckily for DECA members around the world, competition season is here!

Smithtown West DECA recently attended the Suffolk County Regional Competitions and won in hospitality, business services, marketing and finance events. 

We are very proud of our club members and attribute their success to many things including:

1. Practicing test-taking at our breakout sessions.

We held breakout sessions after general meetings so members could work on their tests with officers and business teachers to gain valuable feedback and learn more about their category!

2. Studying at home.

Our members took time to learn their material outside of school because they were determined to do well at Regionals!

3. Using proper test taking skills.

Getting a good night of sleep, and preparing for their test (both in terms of their outfit, packing the night before, etc.) allowed our members to do the best they could on their test.

Our written-event groups have also been working very hard on their projects and are excited to present at the New York DECA competition this March.

For the past years we have found success through our hardworking members in DECA and by using the tips listed above, we hope that next competition season you can encourage your club to implement such suggestions to enhance your DECA success!!!

This article was written by Smithtown West DECA Social Media Coordinator, Sunitha Palat. You can follow Smithtown West DECA on Twitter @shswdeca.


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