Advocacy & Business Partnerships Advice from Real DECA Chapters

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Many of us are in the middle of competition right now, but when you are not prepping for an exam or putting the final touches on your presentations, you should be out and about in your town advocating!

This article is going to look at advocating with businesses, large and small. Partnerships with businesses of all sizes are a critical part of what makes your chapter work.

Along with creating lasting relationships, advocating helps you shine a positive light on your DECA chapter throughout your community. I recently asked DECA members around the country to share some experiences they have had with integrating advocacy and partnerships into their DECA chapters.

Here are some of their stories:

“We invite business professionals from around the area to participate in our events, whether it’s a bowling tournament, fashion show or mock competition. These really show them how DECA directly affects our lives, and allows for network building between students and professionals.” – Sloane Yates, North Carolina DECA

“We invite local business professionals to be guest speakers to our chapter, as well as judges in our mock competitions to prepare students.” – Hayden Pfaff, Texas DECA

“We have an entrepreneurship panel consisting of business owners to speak to our chapter, and other CTSOs in our school. This can be advice that is useful in competition, and in real-life experiences.” –  Jesus Pagan Rosaria, Ohio DECA

“We team up with a local grocery store to sponsor us in many different events from a pancake feed to a charity walk. They are super supportive in donating time and other resources, and we were excited to receive it.” – Brooke Sanchez, Nebraska DECA

Even in my own chapter in Austin, Minn., we use the DECA Pumpkin Contest as an opportunity to advocate for DECA in our town. We carve pumpkins that represent the local businesses in our community, and deliver the pumpkins to bring awareness and recognition to our chapter.

Ask what you can do to advocate for DECA, while also creating the professional and personal relationships with businesses!

This article was written by Minnesota DECA Vice President of Business & Industry, Zeke Peters. You can follow Zeke on Twitter @DECA_Zeke.

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