Which DECA Competitive Event Should You Compete In?

Are you outgoing and spontaneous? Pensive and analytical? Or more of a collaborator? Well, no matter what personality you have, there’s a DECA event for you!

Every person is different; DECA realizes this and has multiple different events to compete in.

Here are some basic questions to guide you through the decision making process:

Are you a strong writer?

If you are, then stop here! Even if you aren’t the best writer, I highly suggest writing a paper because there are so many benefits. The most significant benefit is that you can write a paper and still compete in a role-play, so double the chances of success!

There are papers in every category and every length. Some papers can be as short as five pages or be as long as 30 pages, it just depends on what you want to write.

Are you a first-time DECA competitor?

The Principles of Business Administration and Principles of Marketing events are an excellent way to get acquainted with DECA’s competitive events.  The biggest advantage of this event is that you are competing against other first-time competitors, which levels the playing field.

Do you know what you want to do for a career?

Go online and look through all the different events. If you know you really enjoy your accounting class and it is something you are considering for college, then the Accounting Applications event would be the right fit.

If law is an area that peaks your interest, the Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making event may be a good choice. Use these competitive events to your advantage to find out now if these career areas are something you should continue to pursue.

Do you work better as a team or as an individual?

Many competitors want to work with a friend in the Team Decision Making events. DECA has written these team events with the intention that they will be for upper-level competitors (typically juniors or seniors). If you want to be able to make decisions on your own and don’t want to worry about how someone else’s test score may affect yours, then an Individual Series event would make sense.

Still in doubt?

If you’ve read through all of these and still can’t  decide, then let it be a numbers game! Go to your advisor and ask which events have the lowest participation in them to have a better shot at success.

This article was written by the Ardrey Kell DECA Vice President of Public Relations, Katie Wilder. You can follow Ardrey Kell DECA on Twitter @AKDECA.

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