How to Find an Internship in College

Finding an internship in college can solidify a foundation for your professional career.

Check out these six, quick actionable tips on how to find an internship in college:

1. Ask your professors, they will have a pulse on the community and local companies.

Typically, professors will receive inquiries from companies in the local community looking for college students to jump in and help out.

2. Be willing to obtain an internship for experience only.

Give, give, give. If you have the ability to work for experience only, there have been countless stories of how this has paid off more than a paid internship

3. Resources at the advisement center/career center.

Check with the resources your college has available. Much like the professors having access to internship opportunities, your advisement center/career center may have some too.

4. Go to your desired internship location and ask.

When in doubt, muster up the courage to walk right in and just ask. Receptionists do not bite, well at least my experiences haven’t led to that, they typically will be willing to help if you ask for it.

5. Attend your local networking events, such as 1 Million Cups, and ask around.

Most communities have events that encourage college students to attend. Brush up on your networking skills and begin building relationships.

6. Start a LinkedIn account and begin connecting with local business professionals.

Along the lines of #5, digital networking is here and has been here. The sooner you jump online and begin connecting with local business professionals

Having an internship opens opportunities up that you may not have had the chance to have. You will have a step up above your peers with the experience you have gained, and also future employers love seeing experience during college to show how a prospective employee was able to balance the workload of classes and a job.

Check out this link to find your local 1 Million Cups.

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