10 Creative Ways to Celebrate #CTEMonth in Your School

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February marks the start of #CTEMonth 2017!

Get your school involved with this month of advocacy to promote what DECA and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses can do for students.

Here are 10 creative ideas to get you started:

1. Host a Tour of your Local CTE Campus

Educate your school district about what CTE campuses have to offer by organizing a tour. DECA member can get involved as tour guides and provide a student’s perspective of the benefits of CTE.

2. Have a Membership Drive for DECA

A great way to support CTE classes is to increase student involvement with CTSO organizations like DECA. During the month of January, try boosting your chapter’s membership by recruiting alumni and professional members.

3. Advocate to your Local Government

By scheduling a visit to your local congressman or senator’s office you can increase awareness about DECA and get a chance to spotlight your chapter’s achievements during CTE Month.

4. Hold a Fundraiser Supporting CTE Courses

As you may be well aware, some CTE courses require additional fees to support classroom activities or field trips. By having a fundraiser, your CTE campus can build up a fund to aid financially disadvantaged students, provide scholarships, or subsidize trips and activities.

5. Plan a CTE Showcase

CTE classes are unique in their applicability to the real world, so show off your projects to the public with a CTE showcase. DECA chapters can also get involved by marketing the showcase or even presenting their competitive events.

6. Invite Guest Speakers

Consider contacting officials at ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) to see if any local leaders are willing to visit your school. Your chapter could also host an event where DECA leaders can present on the benefits of CTSOs from a student’s perspective.

7. Get CTE Month Officially Proclaimed

By contacting your local mayor or city council, your chapter may be able to get CTE Month Officially proclaimed in your city. More information on official proclamations can be found here.

8. Stock up on CTE Month Gear

No celebration can be complete without some fun giveaways that double as promotional items! Check out CTE Month gear here.

9. Compete in the CTE Month Video PSA Contest

Put your enthusiasm for CTE Month into video form with this fun PSA Contest! Chapters can compete in this nationwide event promoting Career and Technical Education. Find out more here.

10. Communicate with the Media

Get recognition for the events and initiatives that your chapter gets involved with by alerting the media. Your DECA skills can come in handy as you make press kits and market how beneficial CTE classes can be! The ACTE has a very informative guide on contacting the media that can be found here.

With these 10 creative ways to celebrate CTE Month, you can #OwnYourFuture while promoting the future of CTE in our city and state!

You can also help @actecareertech spread the word about #CTEMonth by signing up to join the CTE Month Thunderclap campaign here.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CTEMonth to share your successes on social media!

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