7 Ways to Add a Pop to Your Presentation

With competition quickly approaching, it’s time for competitors to begin thinking about how their presentations will look and and feel.

Some say, “image is everything,” and while this may or may not be completely true, let’s face it, it certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to your DECA presentation boards.

Most people would agree, an organized eye-catching presentation goes a long way. Presentation visuals help engage the judges, reinforce key points and provide additional needed information.

Here are some tips to enhance your presentation visuals and add a much needed pop:

1. Interactive Presentations with Technology

With technology on the rise, technology-based presentations are becoming much more common. Keep in mind, with more people going with this style, presenters still need to make their presentation stand out from the crowd. With an interactive presentation, you should always have a Plan B, since you never know when the power will go out, or you will have a reliable connection to WiFi.

2. Easy to Read Fonts

Less is more, especially when dealing with fonts, and having an easy to read font helps your viewer absorb the key information being presented. Fancy, cute fonts only confuse and slow down the message of the presentation. Use font sizes and complementary colors to separate headings from content and the background.

3. Color Scheme

An easy to read color scheme will go a long way in helping get the key information across to the viewer. Usually, a color scheme that matches the business or organization you’re working with is the best idea. This creates continuity throughout the presentation, which helps keep it organized for the presenter and viewer.

Remember that three is the magic number! You should limited your color scheme to three main complementary colors, and continue to incorporate soft neutral shades of the main colors for backgrounds. People always forget black and white, plus all the grays in between, are not actually colors and can be used a lot for backgrounds, without interfering with the three main colors you have selected. This will make your board easy to the eye and will keep the judges eye for a longer period of time.

4. Limited Amount of Text

KISS – Keep It Simple, Slick. By limiting the amount of text on your presentation, it remains easy to read and gets the point across easily. Think about each frame of the presentation as a cooking recipe, short and sweet. When deciding what to say on your presentation, limit it to main points and try breaking content into an outline style.

5. Clear Graphics

Go big or go home, unless the small graphic is in extreme contrast with the background. When inserting graphics, make sure they are high resolution so they appear clear and easy to see. Make double sure they pertain to the subject and the verbal presentation. Try using a graphic as the entire background, but choose one that has open areas where easily read text can be placed.

Sometimes graphics that don’t appear to pertain to the subject can be used to create attention, but the headline and speaker will need to tie-in the graphic. Tricky to do, but when done right it can make for an unforgettable presentation.

7. Creative

Think outside the box. While your presentation board may be square, try placing everything in a circular theme or adding a layered effect to your board.

Have fun with it too! A relaxed mind-set makes for the most creative presentations. Make your presentation your own and unique.

natalie_kandulThis article was written by South Forsyth DECA President, Natalie Kandul. You can follow Natalie on Twitter @nataliedeca.

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