5 Things You Don’t Know You Want in Your Future College

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Applying to college can be a daunting process. There are so many rankings, websites, and criterion to dig through that at times, it seems impossible to figure out what the most important thing to look for in a school actually is.

H_Victoria_MengWhile there are obvious qualities like school size, public or private affiliation, and location, some factors can be more nuanced.

Here is a student’s perspective on five things you don’t know you want in your future college:

1. Dorm Layout

In a totally pragmatic sense, you need to consider whether or not you’re willing to deal with communal bathrooms. Schools will offer a variety of different room layouts including traditional dormitory rooms or apartment style living. It’s also important to note whether the dorm has a built in dining hall, computer lab, or convenience store.

2. Alumni Network

Just like in DECA, having a network of helpful and involved alumni makes finding jobs and internships far less daunting. Some schools also offer mentorship programs where undergraduates can build relationships with professionals in their specific field of study.

3. Common Areas

One of the best parts of college is making new friends! Schools with accessible and popular common areas can make meeting people far easier. Whether it’s a meadow in the school’s center or a game room in the dorms, having a meet-up location makes hangouts or study sessions far more convenient.

4. Job Opportunities

Work study is a great way to supplement your disposable income during college and avoid student debt. By going to a college that offers abundant student employment opportunities, you can build up career experience and make some extra money, which never hurts.

5. Interesting Electives

While most students examine classes offered in their major, exploring electives can widen your interests and give you a break from more strenuous core classes. Colleges across the country offer a huge variety of fun classes, with everything from Beyoncé workout classes to the physics of Star Trek!

I hope these ideas help you think of better questions to ask on your next campus tour, or provide betting insight for what to look for in your future college or university!

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