3 Ways to Help Your Chapter Start Raising Money for #CDECAICDC

 As the first semester comes to an end and we do our best to get through finals, let’s look forward to Collegiate DECA’s number one event: the International Career Development Conference!

C_Cameron_BrownJoin more than 1,300 Collegiate DECA members will converge in Anaheim, Calif., in April for four days filled with networking, learning and competing!

While this trip is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can’t afford to miss, you do need to make sure that you can afford the price tag!

A trip to California isn’t cheap for any chapter, but with these holiday fundraiser ideas, you’ll be packing your bags for SoCal in no time!

1. Bake Sale

With the holidays comes gingerbread, peppermint and the smell of chocolate in the air! One of my favorite things to do that raises a lot of money and can bring a team together is a bake sale. Have someone volunteer their kitchen one night and have your whole chapter come over to help bake up some delicious treats.

Find a local grocery store and ask if you can set up out front early one Sunday morning. Set up a pretty and festive booth and have all your baked goods for sale. One of the best ways to do it is instead of having prices for everything, have it as donations only! Spend the morning sharing your DECA story and what Collegiate DECA has done for you, and you’ll not only earn some awesome funds for #CDECAICDC, but have a tasty and fun day too!

2. Sell Your Junk

With the holidays just around the corner and new gifts on the way, its time to get rid of that iPhone 6! Look under your bed, in your closet and maybe even reach out to mom and dad (I can promise you, your mom has stuff to give you).

Once you and your chapter members collect your “junk,” advertise your items online, with an app or with a good ‘ole fashion yard sale!

3. Beg Your Grandma

With the holidays coming up and your family getting together, this is the perfect time to collect donations from your own grandparents and relatives. When you’re around the table answering all the normal college questions, brag about how Collegiate DECA has changed your life and tell them about the opportunity you have going to ICDC this year. Be sure to explain that you could meet your future boss, win money, learn life changing information and network with future leaders!

Forgot holiday gifts this year, because the opportunity to attend #CDECAICDC is the gift that keeps on giving.

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