Collegiate DECA Scholarships Are Waiting for YOU!

We all love the Collegiate DECA experiences that we have had, from developing new skills to the incredible conferences and even those grueling competitions.

C_Mike_RichThe only down side is having to pay for college so we can be in Collegiate DECA!

The great news for us is that Collegiate DECA Scholarships are waiting for you!  Every year DECA and its corporate partners provide over $300,000 in scholarships to high school and collegiate members. The scholarships are strictly merit based and are awarded at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). There are three categories for the scholarships; Corporate Scholarship Program, Harry Applegate Scholarship Program, and the College and Organization Partners.

The Corporate Scholarship Program involves DECA’s corporate partners who have generously created scholarships for our members. These scholarships are for members who either work for the partner company, or have an interest in the company’s industry, depending on which you choose to apply for.

For example, NAPA offers five $1,000 scholarships for associates of their company or Collegiate DECA members interested in the automotive parts industry, and another five $1,500 scholarships for members enrolled in related classes.  Marriott also offers five $2,000 scholarships for members with hospitality experience or interest. We are so lucky to have great partners like NAPA and Marriott who are willing to help Collegiate DECA members!

The Harry Applegate Scholarship Program is where corporate supporters contribute to the fund, and then the scholarships are given out in that company’s name. Again, these scholarships are merit based and are awarded based on:

  • DECA/Collegiate DECA involvement
  • Leadership ability
  • Community service
  • Academic performance

Some of the companies who generously contribute are M&M Productions USA, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Hilton Worldwide.

The last part of the scholarship program is the College & Organization Partners piece.  This consists of colleges and universities that offer scholarships for membership in DECA, as well as private organizations that are offering scholarships if you meet certain requirements.  If you are deciding where to go to college, looking at this list is a great place to start so you can continue your DECA experience and get a scholarship just for doing it! These colleges and organization partners really help in giving avenues to continue our DECA experiences in college or from high school to college.

We all know how expensive funding our college experience is, so take advantage of the scholarships that are available to you through DECA! The application deadline is January 13, 2017, so get started on your scholarship application today!

I can’t wait to see all the scholarship recipients recognized in Anaheim, Calif., this April at #CDECAICDC 2017!

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