Role-Play Boot Camp is Now in Session

This year, Stewarts Creek High School DECA hosted its first annual Role-Play Boot Camp.

We wanted to create an event that could help new DECA members become familiar with what a role-play is and how to properly prepare for it.

The boot camp was broken up into two different sessions. The first session was all about what to do and what not to do. We talked about how to dress, how to study for the exam, and how to prepare before you are in front of a judge.

To get the members engaged in what we were doing, we acted out the proper way to do a role-play and the wrong way to do it.

Then for the second session it was all about practicing for the role-play. Members dressed in business professional attire and practiced using a sample event from Alumni and professional members came in to help us judge the role-plays. The participants were required to treat it like they were at the district conference. By treating it like a real event, it showed the participants exactly what to expect and to get those nervous jitters out.

Each member participating in a role-play was required to attend the boot camp, and once they arrived they received multiple tools to help them succeed. The tools included tips and tricks on how to succeed, a sample event, and how to get to their event samples from By giving them these tools it allowed them to have something in writing to look back over before they go into their role-play.

Our end goal was for members to leave each boot camp session knowing what to expect once the time came for our District Conference. Our hope is for them to move on to the state career development conference, and even the International Career Development Conference in Anaheim next April!

This article was written by Stewarts Creek DECA President, Emily Joiner. You can follow Stewarts Creek DECA on Twitter and Instagram @SCH_DECA.

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