Making the Most of Your Freshman Year in College

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The transition from high school to college can be a tricky experience. The “Making the Most of College” Learning Lab at #DECAPowerTrip, gave a great insight on what incoming freshmen can do to help kick start their college journey.

It consisted of a panel of five college representatives and our very own Southern Region Vice President, Victoria Meng, who was the commentator for the workshop.

Each panelist not only gave some awesome information about their individual college, but encouraged the students to look for a college that will really fit their needs.

1. UMass-Amherst, Isenberg School of Management |Christina Monte, Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success

Isenberg School of Management has a unique freshmen transition seminar that exposes them to not only the school’s resources, but over 30 clubs within the school. Christina Monte’s advice to the students was to really get out there and find your resources in college. Once you have found them, start making connections. She also talked about getting to know yourself better and specifically to continue this path, putting yourself out there and to get involved with the real world.

2. West Virginia University, School of Business and Economics | Rachel Nieman, Undergraduate Recruitment Specialist

West Virginia University has a “Welcome Week” where the students are able to participate and learn about the school’s clubs, adventure programs, study abroad, internships, majors, and more. “You can get a taste of what is offered and be able to reflect the timeline, along with academic advising.” Rachel Nieman stressed how important it is to use your resources through the university, as well as, putting yourself out there to have a successful college experience.

3. Bowling Green State University, College of Business | Susan Kosakowski, Recruiting Manager

The College of Business looks for students that are already professionally prepared and have business knowledge background before entering the university as a freshman. Susan Kosakowski talked about how important it is to use your freshman year as a “year of investigation.” She also commented along with other members of the panel that interviewers will most likely give you the chance of an interview, if they see on your resume that you have traveled abroad.

4. Berkeley College | Jimar Estevez, Admissions Counselor

Berkeley College assists their students by offering career services, as well as, having an academic advisor for the first year. Jimar Estevez made some excellent points on time management, she talked about not losing focus of your class schedule purpose. Her advice was to take your freshman year as a chance to get to know the staff, start making that connection early.

5. Relativity School | Glenn Kalison, Director

The Relativity School is made up roughly of 140 students, who specialize in close collaboration and take projects outside of the classroom. “You’re starting a marathon with a sprint.” Glenn Kalison brought up some wonderful points and told the students to remain open to ideas and possibilities. He said to think about what is most important to you in college and to take on only what you can achieve.

It was a great workshop experience. Overall the panelists seemed to agree on a number of things for freshman year, especially taking business classes and getting all of your math credits out of the way during high school. With their advice, you really can #OwnYourFuture!

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Cassie Stewart. You can follow Cassie on Twitter @DesignerMae.

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