3 Major Tips for Preparing for College

As a high school senior, I have sat through a million sessions, webinars, and read a million pamphlets on college. One thing that really seemed to be missing in all these was how to actually prepare for college once you have gotten past the application process and have picked your dream school.

With this in mind I decided to attend the “Preparing for College” session in the Ultimate DECA Power Trip’s “College Learning Labs.” The session was led by a group of representatives from several colleges that have strong partnerships with DECA. They where asked questions in panel style program led by Southern Region Vice President, Victoria Meng.

Here are three important take-aways every high school senior should keep in mind:

1. Don’t Bite off More Than You Chew

This was repeated more than once by our panelists. A common issue they all see with college freshman is signing up for everything, thus leading to poor time management, and higher chance of failing. They all suggested incoming freshman should become involved in only a few organizations, and really finding a good balance of work and pleasure. All of our colleges that were on the panel all offer a support system to new students to make sure are making good time decisions.

2. Declare or Die

One of the questions that I posed to the panel was what is the number reason why new freshmen either dropout or transfer. The answer was simple: students were afraid to ask for help. The students that had the most issues were the ones that were able to scrap through high school and make decent grades. The moral of the story is to ask for help, especially in math and science courses.

3. Don’t Waste Senior Year

Colleges have seen it all! They can tell when you’ve decided to check out as soon as senior year starts. As our panelists put it, “If you are an A-B student 9-11 and you become a C student in grade 12, we know what’s up.” Plus, its important to finish strong in anything that you are involved in.

Overall these tips can apply to any college. Make sure to research your college and see what types of support systems they offer for incoming freshmen. As I get ready to attend the University of North Dakota this next fall, I will defiantly be keeping these three tips in mind.

SMC_Tyler_barryThis article was written by Texas DECA Vice President of Social Media and Power Trip Power Team member, Tyler Barry. You can follow Tyler on Twitter @DECA_TylerBarry.

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