MLEC DECA’s Pie in the Face Fundraiser

What better way to put the fun in fundraiser? DECA’s Pie In The Face Fundraiser at Miami Lakes Educational Center’s Harvest Festival!

During the month of October, MLEC hosted its annual Harvest Fest event to bring the school and community together to have fun, dance, and enjoy lots of food.

This year, DECA hosted its Pie In The Face Fundraiser to raise money for the DECA year.

To get everyone on board with supporting the fun-filled fundraiser, DECA members and officers did everything they could to spread the word about the event, so people could support and help raise money for our chapter.

The club created many posters and flyers to put up around the school and used social media to get the word out. Members also encouraged their friends to volunteer to get pied and spread the word around school to everyone.

DECA officers also got the school’s administration into the spirit by convincing them to volunteer and support the fundraiser. For just $2, students could pie not only their friends, but administrators as well! Getting the vice principal to take part in getting pied was one of the biggest accomplishments of the entire process.

Not only was this fun, but it was a tasty fundraiser as well considering the sweet taste of whipped cream being thrown at your face. Everyone was filled with so much energy while throwing pies at each other.

Throughout the Harvest Fest event, staff members and students who volunteered were getting pied back to back and it all turned out to be a perfect evening. There was so much laughter and joy!

Our DECA chapter was able to raise a money for our exciting year coming up, and overall the Pie In The Fact Fundraiser was a great success!

SMC_Tyrese_WimberlyThis article was written by Miami Lakes Educational Center DECA member, Tyrese Wimberly. You can follow Miami Lakes DECA on Twitter @mlecdeca.

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