Finance In The Big Apple

Well, just like that another amazing Collegiate Leadership Academy is in the books!

C_Cameron_BrownIt all started with a great opening session focused on helping attendees improve their LinkedIn profiles, followed by a fabulous networking event with the 2016-2017 Executive Officer Team.

It was my honor to head up the Finance Track for this year’s #DECACLA. America has the largest and deepest capital markets in the world, providing almost 80% of debt financing for businesses in the U.S. At the same time, the face of banking and finance has changed dramatically over the last 10 years—as has its customer base.

Few are as in tune with the industry’s changes than the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Foundation (SIFMA) which really opened our attendees’ eyes to the new and growing financial world.

We also had the pleasure of touring the Museum of American Finance, and gained a deeper insight into how money once was and currently is.

On Saturday morning, I watched 16 teams compete to be the champions of the finance track. While I was sitting there listing to so many great ideas, I was proud of our members and seeing on the hard work they put into their case studies.

This #DECACLA has been one of my best experiences I have had in Collegiate DECA so far. I want to thank all of our amazing members, the DECA staff and of course the other executive officers for everyone’s great work this past weekend. We can’t wait to see you at #CDECAICDC in April!

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