How to Stay Engaged at Your Regional Conference

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The Western Region Leadership Conference, Ultimate DECA Power Trip and Central Region Leadership Conferences are just around the corner!

H_Rohan_GhiyaThere are, without a doubt, many ways to stay engaged while at your regional conference, but here are some top tips to keep in mind so you don’t miss a thing:

1. Hashtags

Each conference has their own hashtag, so don’t be afraid and use it on your social media posts!

  • Western Region Leader Ship Conference = #WRLC2016
  • Central Region Leadership Conference = #DECACRLC
  • Ultimate DECA Power Trip = #DECAPowerTrip

Following and using hashtags during your time at a conference is a great way to see what others have been experiencing, connect with fellow conference attendees and share your own perspective! Plus, you know never when you may get a like, RT or repost from the official @DECAInc Twitter or Instagram account!

2. Connect With the Social Media Team

Most regional conference have special social media teams made up of chapter members and association officers who are ready to share the very best parts of the conference experience on their own personal social media accounts. You can find out who is on these special teams through DECA Direct Online, or with specific badge on these members’ lanyards! These social media team members can help you connect with the best parts of the conference, so don’t be afraid to follow the team members on Twitter or reach out to them in person at the conference!

3. Attend Workshops

Workshops are an excellent way for you to stay engaged at a conference. These workshops usual feature industry leaders or DECA insiders with great college, career and competition tips that you cannot afford to miss. Plus, attending workshops gives you a chance to meet other DECA members as well. These are the people you’re sure to hit it off with, so go out there and create new friendships!

4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It may seem easier to stay within your comfort zone and just hang out with and talk to those members within your own chapter or association, but DECA members are known to network like no one else! Go out and about and introduce yourself to people from other associations and if you’re up for it, connect with them on social media too! This is your only chance to be surrounded by thousands of DECA members from the same region as you, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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