An Eye Opening Experience in the #DECACLA Hospitality Track

Being able to explore The Big Apple with the 2016 Collegiate Leadership Academy Hospitality Track was an awesome experience! This was my first time participating this particular track at #DECACLA, my eyes were completely opened to all the different career path options for students interested in hospitality.

C_Alyssa_DuncanThe day started with three wonderful presentations explaining the importance of Social-Local-Mobile marketing strategies. These presentations made it easier for attendees to understand how to market to consumers using SoLoMo, and how this is very important to focus on in the hospitality field.

Then we all went over to the Beatrice Apartments in Chelsea, which were absolutely breathtaking and a huge hit with the members. Our Beatrice Apartments tour guide let all the members experience The Cloud Lounge, which was on top of the penthouse and boasts views of the entire city.

My favorite part about #DECACLA as meeting new members, and seeing their reactions to the different experiences they encountered. We had a lot of first year Collegiate DECA members in this track, and seeing them interact and network with other members was an awesome feeling. Also, when presenting their case study findings to their judges, I love seeing their confidence and teamwork skills shine through.

CLA gears members up for their regional conferences and the International Career Development Conference. I believe an experience like CLA pumps members up, and allows them to bring a positive attitude and energy back home to their chapter.

Being involved in Collegiate DECA opens so many doors for our members, and allows individuals to experience certain situations that they probably wouldn’t have been able to do without DECA.  I was extremely grateful to experience #DECACLA with such amazing and dedicated members, and I’m even more excited for #CDECAICDC now!

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