How DECA Associations are Sharing the #DECAMonth Spirit at Their Leadership Conferences

In true DECAMonth fashion, DECA members, leaders, and chapters are planning activities, preparing for conferences, and taking the #DECAMonth Photo Challenge by storm.

However, what’s truly interesting is taking a look at how associations are incorporating these #DECAMonth activities into their leadership conferences. You may even be able to incorporate some of these ideas into your next conference! Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve experienced this past month!

North Dakota DECA

With competition season quickly approaching, this association decided to incorporate a live role-play presentation into the opening session of their conference!


Typically fall leadership conferences are made up of a large number of first year DECA members, and let’s be honest, we were all a little confused at first about what a DECA role-play really is! It wasn’t until we actually got the opportunity to participate or see a role-play in action that we understood what DECA was all about.

As an association officer and guest took the stage to explain and demonstrate a role-play, the audience came to a general understanding of what they could expect to experience this winter during competition season. What a great way to promote competition during #DECAMonth!

Wisconsin DECA

DECA Month calls for chapters and associations to implement fresh and innovative ideas into their conferences and chapter outings!


Wisconsin DECA held their conference at Wilderness Lodge Resort. The resort was complete with a log cabin feel and was surrounded my trees and nature. They decided to try something new at their Emerging Leader Conference. Instead of opting for the tried and traditional activities, they implemented Breakout EDU, known to many as Escape Rooms.

Chapters were teamed up and placed into a small conference room with hidden materials inside the room that acted as clues to aid in finding the solution to given scenario in each specific room. Members were promoted to work as a team, use deeper thinking skills, and have fun all at the same time. Needless to say, the activity was a big hit!

Michigan DECA

This month at Michigan DECA’s Fall Leadership conference, DECA members were treated to boat cruise complete with power networking session, a DECA dance and dinner.


This cruise boat was a hub for meeting new people and forming bonds with peers. Complete with three floors, Michigan members exchanged business cards and contact information, chatted about competition tricks and tips, and finally – danced the night away. The members highlighted this as one of their favorites aspects of the conference!

These three associations have thought outside of the box in celebration of #DECAMonth, but there are tons of associations and chapters that are prepared to celebrate DECA Month in unimaginable ways!

What’s does your chapter or association have up their sleeve for #DECAMonth 2016? Share your ideas and plans on social media using the hashtag #DECAMonth! We can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

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