5 Ways to Celebrate #GEW2016 in Your Chapter

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Each November, DECA celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week, an international event that brings students and experienced entrepreneurs together to promote innovation and the growth of new business ideas.

Here are five ways for your chapter to join in on the festivities:

  1. DECA Idea Challenge: One of the most innovative and exciting parts of Global Entrepreneurship Week is the DECA Idea Challenge! Teams will get one week to repurpose and market a material that will be announced at the beginning of the challenge. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn recognition and prize money!
  1. Advocate to your Local Government: In the past, 126 heads of state and 69 countries participated in Global Entrepreneurship Week! Get locally involved by scheduling an appointment to talk to your congressmen about #GEW2016 and DECA.
  1. Start your Own Company or SBE: The whole purpose of Global Entrepreneurship Week is to celebrate innovators and job creators, and with the skills you learn through DECA, you can also become an entrepreneur! Talk to your chapter advisor about starting a school-based enterprise (like a school store) or look into forming a business that you can grow through the Start-up Business Plan competitive event.
  1. Get Your School Involved: A great way to increase awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship is to start promoting Global Entrepreneurship Week at your school. Consider creating a business incubator to encourage student run businesses or inviting in local entrepreneurs to be guest speakers.
  1. Tune into “EO24”: Every year, Global Entrepreneurship Week features a 24-hour long online session that will include insight and advice from experienced entrepreneurs. This “real-time learning environment” is great for inspiring new ideas and entrepreneurs. This year’s EO24 will be on Thursday, November 17. Learn more here and don’t forget to tune in!

Find out more information about Global Entrepreneurship Week on the official website!

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