4 Ways to Master the Art of Teamwork

The DECA Collegiate Leadership Academy Case Study Competition is a test of research, presentation, and teamwork skills.

This year, CLA participants were tasked with researching the Social-Local-Mobile marketing efforts of various National Advisory Board partner brands. Within three days, participants had to meet their team, research the case study, and present their ideas to a judge. This was the ultimate test of teamwork and time management.

With time against you, how can you put your skills to the test and create an awesome presentation? Here are some tips to help sharpen your teamwork skills and create great connections with team members!

1. Communicate Effectively

You’ve heard it before, but it’s so true: Communication is Key! With technology, this is becoming even easier. For example, one of the first thing I hear when I join a new group or project is “Can we exchange numbers for a group message?”. This is a great way to keep touch with teammates, coordinate meetings times, and contribute ideas. Additionally, when working with your group in person, be sure to communicate all ideas or concerns, and get to know each other while you’re working together. Communication leads to productivity!

2. Delegate

It is important that each team member play a part in your research and presentation. An easy way to make sure everyone pitches in is to assign roles to each member. Jamie Preski from Equity Residential participated in this year’s new judge’s panel during closing session. During this time, she stated that while judging she was especially impressed with teams who worked well together and helped each other throughout the presentation, as well as when each member had a speaking role.

3. Value Everyone’s Opinion

Differences are what makes a well-rounded, successful team. In a place like #DECACLA, there are a variety of participants you will meet; students from different states and countries, small community colleges and large universities, different backgrounds…it is amazing who you can meet! It is important, when working in a team, to value these differences and realize that amazing results can be produced when these differences come together. Never be closed-minded when working with others!

4. Have Fun

If you want to win it is important to work hard, but it is just as important to have fun! Enjoy getting to know new people, learning new skills, and creating awesome work! Use this time as a chance to sharpen your skills AND as a chance to get to know your teammates. DECA is the perfect place to work like a business professional, but still have fun while you’re at it!

Employers are looking for candidates who possess leadership skills and are team players. Working in a team enhances your decision-making, critical thinking, and communication skills, which can be used in the classroom and during DECA competition!

brittany_squareThis article was written by University of Missouri-Columbia Collegiate DECA member and #DECACLA Social Media Team member, Brittany Hurt. You can follow Brittany on Twitter @brittanynhurt.

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