#DECAMonth Social Media Tips

Photo courtesy of @WHSFRCCDECA on Twitter.

Using your chapter’s social media platforms during DECA Month is a key way to promote DECA to your followers, inform your chapter of upcoming deadlines and events, and recruit new members!

Here are a few things your chapter can do to improve your social media presence during November.

  1. DECA Month Photo Challenge

DECA is hosting a DECA Month Photo Challenge to motivate chapters to share their DECA success and pictures on social media. Take on the November challenge and ask members to send in their pictures for the certain days and topics. Completing this photo challenge will help showcase all of your chapter’s DECA achievements. Be sure to tag @DECAInc on Twitter and Instagram!

2. DECA Tip of the Day

Sharing DECA tips with other DECA members is a way we can all learn and gain knowledge through each other. Have DECA members in your chapter share their tips and advice, and post one-a-day onto your chapter’s Twitter account. Try to post at least once a day, but if you have more than one post all that you can.

 4. New Member Appreciation

DECA Month is all about recruiting new members! When your chapter has recruited new members, take their picture in a chapter DECA shirt or in your DECA classroom, and post it on Twitter. Showing appreciation for new DECA members may encourage other students to join, and will motivate the newly recruited members to get more involved with DECA.

4. DECA Member of the Week

Talk to your DECA advisor about having he/she select one DECA member a week for the month of November. If selected, the member will share their DECA story and a photo on the chapter’s social media pages. This is an excellent way to create healthy competition between your chapter members to strive hard and reach your full potential in DECA.

5. Updates

Share updates about possible community service projects, competition deadlines, meeting dates and times, and any other information that DECA members could possibly need. Social media is the perfect way to connect information to your members outside of the regular school hours, and members are more likely to remember an event or necessary material if there is a tweet to remind them about it prior to the day.

SMC_Ally_WhiteThis article was written by Houston County DECA Vice President of Career Development, Ally White. You can follow Ally on Twitter @allywhite_deca.

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