Check Out DECA Images’ New Entrepreneurship Guides!

You can #OwnYourFuture this year with DECA Images’ new Competition Guides!

These guides breakdown of DECA’s entrepreneurship papers into an infographic-style lesson and hands-on activity for each section of the business plan, making YOU the ultimate competitor!

guide1The 3 Guides

1. Lean Entrepreneurship Guide
Designed for DECA’s EIP, ESB, EIB, and IBP competitive events, this guide includes lessons on ideation and opportunity analysis, market segmentation and promotion, and financial projection using the Lean Canvas start-up model. Shop now!

2. Entrepreneurship Guide
Designed for the DECA’s Franchise Business Plan Event, this guide includes lessons on the different components of franchising, development of a marketing plan, and development of a financial plan using the SBA’s Business Plan model. Shop now!

3. Business Growth Plan Guide
Designed for the Business Growth Plan. Because this competitive event requires the student to already own a business, this guide focuses more on current management, financial projection, and growth strategy while reinforcing business development and marketing concepts.
Shop now!

For Competitors

These guides are your step-by-step outline on what each section of your paper is looking for. Use your Competition Guide to learn about new strategies for your company, concepts behind each section, and gain a deeper understanding of each component of the plan.

It’s as easy as:

  1. Stand out with a more thorough business plan.
  2. Impress the judges with your ideas.
  3. Gain an applicable understanding of the concepts that you can use in your future.

For Advisors

These guides help you bridge the gap between DECA’s Competitive Events and your classroom curriculum:

  1. Lessons: Use these guides in class to accompany lectures as one-sheeters that explain each topic in an easy-to-understand style students will want to read.
  2. Activities: Use the activities that accompany each lesson to provide an in or out of class reinforcement that sticks with them.
  3. Term Papers: If you use DECA’s Written Events as a “term paper” for students throughout a semester or year, these guides can teach correlated lessons as the students work through their papers. And if you bring competition into the classroom, you may begin to see: more competitors, more winners, and more member engagement!

Financials Explained

One of the most common problems competitors face when writing these papers is financial projection.

How do I write a balance sheet? How do I find the numbers to create an income statement? What is cash flow?

These are all common questions, and sometimes advisors don’t know all the answers. Each of these guides provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand lesson on cost structure, the importance of financials, and how to make, project, and analyze the three financial statements.

If you have any questions concerning DECA Images’ Competition Guides, please contact to Lauren Babtiz.

This article was written by Lauren Babtiz, a content contributor for DECA Images, as well as the Vice President of Florida Collegiate DECA. Follow DECA on Twitter @DECAInc and DECA Images @deca_images.

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