Tips & Tricks for Designing Your SBE

At Smithtown East DECA, we are jumping right back into the swing of things by upgrading our school store and designing it for back to school season!

This undertaking was headed by our school store directors, juniors Kayla Rickles and Matthew Timmel. There decorations feature fall-themed items like leaves and browns, reds, oranges, and yellows.

storeWith window paint, the dynamic due crafted an amazing “Welcome Back SHSE 2016- 2017” sign on the front side of the school store near the main entrance. Surrounding the statement are intriguing items like blue and red handprints, garlands, light strings, and fall leaves.

Additionally, on the reverse side of the store facing Commons and Commons Café, Kayla and Matt thought it would be best to feature DECA related banners, flags, and signs to attract Smithtown East students to join the club!

After revitalizing our own school store, there are many tips East DECA has for other schools out there seeking to upgrade their stores. We recommend going with colors that not only fit the season, but scream DECA and will attract by-passers to commit to the club. A bunch of our decorations and merchandise was purchased directly from DECA’s online store.

Through using a little bit of creativity and outside-the-box thinking, our DECA chapter was able to completely change the face of our school store. We hope the unique décor will entice community members and students alike to become more involved with DECA.

To learn more about this project and more, check out our website at

victoria_lombardiThis article was written by Smithtown East DECA President & Region 1S Treasurer, Victoria Lombardi. You can follow Smithtown East DECA on Twitter @shseastdeca.

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